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Looking into buying a new garage door opener? There are a
few simple things you need to know before shopping a door opener. Educate
yourself on what you will need to help the buying process go smoother. There
are three major types of openers that you should be aware of in order to pick
out one that tailors your needs.

A garage door opener is an important component which makes a
garage door more safe and secure. A good door opener should be able to function
well, and makes a smoothly opening and closing. Read more…

Whatever garage opener that you choose, maintenance is the
key to having a good garage-door. The main criteria that make its smooth
functioning are the hardware that you select for it. on of garage door parts
are the openers.

Garage door openers are devices that are made to make one's
life easier and more comfortable but each and every type has its own advantages
and disadvantages.

Chain drive opener


Chain drive opener is one of the most popular options for
residential use. It consists of a metal chain on a trolley and is usually
simple to install, but one significant drawback is the amount noise it makes.

Screw drive opener

Unlike the chain or
belt, the screw drive uses a threaded steel rod. It has few moving parts, and
because of this, screw drive opener requires less maintenance than the other
options. Combining the plastic lined tracks and the few moving parts makes this

Belt drive opener


Belt drive openers are the most expensive of the
three. It is also the quietest option. These door openers use rubber belts
instead of the metal the other choices use

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